Nadur: a lifestyle philosophy

Nadur makes its appearance in the world of potatoe chips from respect for the Environment and Sustainable Farming.

Experience inherited in the area with the greatest tradition, Valencia

The origin of Nadur-style potatoes is based on the long tradition in the artisan manufacture of "churreras" fries. This form of elaboration has had since its inception a special root in the Spanish Levante. Since then, the product has evolved over the years, always remaining faithful to the root of its success: the quality of the raw materials.

Taking advantage of this know-how, Nadur offers a product with the taste and texture of the best French fries, with raw materials committed to the environment, with the Ecological Seal of the European Union.

Environmental Solution: Nadur design

True to its environmental commitment, Nadur is a pioneer in the sector by becoming the first brand on the market to offer its ECO crisps in an innovative packaging, minimizing the use of polluting inks and using a totally Biodegradable material , which allows its natural degradation in Nature in a matter of weeks and treat its management like any other organic product.

How we make at Nadur the Potato Chips most committed to the Environment


Knowledge and experience in cultivation are our best guarantee of success. From Nadur we offer our eternal recognition to this work of such value and so little recognized on many occasions.

Organic farming

Nadur's commitment to the environment begins with the cultivation of a high quality potato and away from the use of phytosanitary products. This is one of the keys to the particular flavor of our Eco potatoes.

High purity

To meet the strict requirements of the Nadur Organic product, the water used to wash the potato must pass stringent quality controls that guarantee its purity.

100% High oleic oil

The frying process of Nadur potatoes is done only with 100% sunflower oil with a high oleic acid content, which provides important health benefits due to its contribution in monosaturated fatty acids.

Salt from the Balearic Islands

For the preparation of our chips with salt, only sea salt from the Ses Salines Natural Park, in Ibiza, is used, which gives Nadur potatoes that differentiating touch that they like so much.

Biodegradable Packaging

Nadur products are the first on the market to obtain a degree of Total Commitment. Not only with the care of the product from planting, but also the packaging used minimizes the use of polluting inks and is made of a Biodegradable material. This allows its complete natural degradation as normal organic waste does.

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